As a project manager & production coordinator in advertising

I began my creative career at the Santa Monica office of global pre-production company Animated Storyboardsrecruiting and managing digital artists, vendors, and talent and with them produced 2D & 3D pre-visualization media for ad agencies with clients in top industries like entertainment, fashion, food & beverage, and automotive. 

As graphic/web designer

I freelance as a graphic and web designer to keep my digital skillset sharp and current. I am proficient in adobe suite applications like Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator and web building platforms like Wix, SquareSpace, and Wordpress. I have worked with companies like Sketchers HQ in Manhattan Beach designing digital ad campaigns for new athletic lines, Studio71 Media in Beverly Hills designing merchandise apparel for youtube celebrities, and Polaris Property Management designing residential and commercial real estate advertisements around los Angeles. 

As a producer/director in gaming

with my growing knowledge of digital art, artists and assets I produced and directed 8 mobile mini games for a startup gaming company called Seven jets Games for the google play store utilizing developers working with Unity 3D. I recruited mobile game developers from the us, uk, and middle east to program all of the assets, music, and direction I collected for the games, then self published them to the google play store.  

Podcast Producer & Host

I produce and host my own weekly podcast called "OUR MORNING AFTER".  It is a lifestyle podcast, emphasizing new music, movies & TV, social controversies, noteworthy individuals in society, and new and inventive technology. It a personal project that I develop weekly and self distribute to online store like iTunes Podcast App.